Rosey's Puppies Born September 12, 2017!

If you are looking for a loyal companion, we have a litter ready to be adopted in mid-November.  The mother is our Rosey and the father is Romulus of Lone Tree, CO.  This is an outstanding litter of sweet, precious puppies!

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English Golden Retrievers - a very special breed

English Goldens are known for their intelligence, gentle nature, companionship qualities, and versatility.

When you adopt a Golden, regardless of whether you are a single adult or part of a large household, you will find they are compatible to most every situation.  Goldens enjoy kids and it is rare for them to have difficulty with other pets.  Additionally, Goldens are wonderful companion dogs for the elderly.  Indoors Goldens are content being a couch-potato watching, or usually sleeping through, movie-night and happily laying by your feet while you work from home.  But take them outdoors and you will see the other side of the Golden... a running partner, your buddy for hiking and camping trips, and ready to fetch Frisbees, tennis balls, and sticks until you cannot throw any more!

Because of their innate desire to please, the Golden is often trained to be a service animal for the handicapped, as well as therapy dogs in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and hospices due to their friendly nature, gentle temperament, and ability to learn tasks quickly.

Rosey in Brooklyn Heights, NYC, enjoying sun in neighborhood park.
Rosey in Brooklyn Heights, NYC, enjoying sun in neighborhood park.

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